Ebu Gogo Gutting the Child

by Neoandertals

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XUN I love this Drum & Bass Favorite track: Funeral Ejaculation.
Marshall Lochbaum
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Marshall Lochbaum A remarkable specimen. With access to only the most primitive and brutal of instruments—drums and the electric bass—these early hominids managed to create a vivid depiction of life and death before the written word. Favorite track: Diet of Worms.
Wade Knapik
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Wade Knapik No guitars, just bass, drums, and vocals. Well played brutal death metal. Fans of Cause For Effect will love this.
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The second studio album entitled "Ebu Gogo Gutting the Child" explores the dark side of the little hominid hunter Homo floresiensis, who kidnapped human children to defile and eat them.


released April 13, 2011


Recording lineup:
Rain Pohlak - Basses & Vocals
Sandra Vungi - Drums

“Ebu Gogo Gutting The Child” all music by Rain Pohlak. Lyrics, the oil painting, mixing&mastering by Rain Pohlak. Band picture by Hedvig Vungi. Neoandertals logo by Roland Seer.

Drums recorded during the month of October 2010 in Veelikse, Viljandimaa, Estonia.
Basses & vocals recorded during the months of December 2010 and January 2011 in Meegaste, Valgamaa, Estonia.


all rights reserved



Neoandertals Estonia

Barbaric experimental Death Metal sounds. Lyrics about the darker side of the Neanderthals.

Rain Pohlak - Bass&vocals
Sandra Vungi - Drums

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Track Name: Homo floresiensis
Homo floresiensis
Sexual predators

It was a dark deed done in the night
Not so long ago, we were not alone

They had hard, thicker eyebrow ridges than us, sharply sloping foreheads
No chins
Lonely roamers
Eyes black and blank
Hunt for cunts
Some dark souls with curious follies

Significantly smaller cranium capacity
Mental retardation
Mimicking advanced behaviours
He who eats anything
Human meat
Entrails of the child

Flores island in the sixteenth century grim and sombre
The mountains of mist and slumber
Massacre and murder, many a year
Feud unfading

In a warm, humid rainforest that teemed with death
Grime-ridden and gritty grey cave settings

Ambushing the young, a meter-tall hominid murderer
Death-shadow dark, lurking in the livelong night

Followed by fog and filthy air
A girl-thirsty wanderer

They watch village girls play
Waiting for nightfall to steal them away
Morning moisture blurring the blasphemy

Nonhuman in appearance
Behaviours were human
The obsession towards necrophilia
Accompanied by mutilation

They saw love as we see death
A playful play, joy from fresh cadavers
After death-day
Most painful of fuckings and feasts of the night
Track Name: Child
Snakes and birds to kill the hunger for a while
They gather and plan
Desiring an unspoiled slit
A young cunt
A hunt to hunt a beauty down
Stalking with their evil eyes
Lie hidden behind fruited vines

Fields near the village
A girl so lovely in her sweet girlish shyness
Glory crowning her wonderful hair
Dark brown with a natural care

A verdant green darkness to obscure the forest-dwellers
Strangulation and first ejaculations in the garden and bone cave

A hand to stop the screaming
A palm to break the jaw
Following the foul smell on the breeze
Making their way through the evergreen trees
Carrying her unconscious body into the cave
Should kissing take the whole night

Teach them and feed them
Let them lick your feet
Show them the secrets of human food
In a day or two they will not take you

Howls of lust
How do you prefer the ending?
The warmness in your mouth may or may not be swallowed
The gogo favours both styles
A noble
Ass to mouth
Track Name: Cut-Throat
An act of joy
Inside her is her first boy

Slightly twisting the neck
A sapphire-coloured sharp stone for marking the throat
Slicing three mocking cuts of pain

At first she thought they were adorable
She kissed them back with passion and love
But those are vile beasts that feast on beauties
Far from being normal boys

Violent sexual behaviour
No pulling out before ejaculation
No stopping after cumming
Is she really thirteen?
Surrounding her for sodomizing

They piss into your vagina
On her clit they will feed
So delicious and sweet
Lick and kiss your little arse
Limestone caves darkened by the odour of filth and decay

Sunk in the dank air
Played with her underdeveloped breasts,
Until they became tender and weak
She must be thirteen

Her teats now swollen and hurting
What a whore she has been
After a large amount of sucking

Nipples carved out
A vampirish pack of three
Breastfeeding the hobbits with warm blood
The unwashed hands grabbing her tight twat

They prefer it rotten

They did slit her throat
A clean cut through
Coughing on her own blood
She will die so young

Let her die a woman’s death
Wind-blasted rock formations with grey-brown walls
Devoid of colour
A brooding look and feel

Trapped and scared
Her bladder leaking and hurting
The spawn of the damned
A wind blew into the cold cave, chilling

She is no longer warm and wet
Long periods of starvation ahead
They will wait until their mistress is dead

She is depressed and dying
Help her!
Trapped and scared
Rape is the cruellest death
Track Name: Funeral Ejaculation
Spitting back chewed cum
Sometimes losing a life can be fun

Struggling for breath
No way out of her gloom
Vaginal fluids stuffed back into the mouth
Mouthful of death
Keen on torture
Greeted by her humid tomb

Forced to enjoy foreign semen
Seeing love she was never dreaming

Dark emotions causing depression
Fear of death not an option
An after-rape suicide is your wish?
Only if your cadaver grants a cold kiss
Tasty lips of the afterlife
Weight loss due to starvation
To die through weakness

To die through weakness
Murmuring the last cries of the dying
Ebu Gogo, they respectfully repeat the words said to them

Moments before being gutted
Damned be the human language
The language of forefathers
Good teeth he's proud of
Chewing on the tasty clit

Every gal smells different
The tongue of a child-like beast
Blessing her with a last orgasm

Joy between her legs
She was dead

Her mind died a long time ago

Taken every day and night
For their turn they kill and fight
The serial paedophiles
Kings with knifes
Track Name: The Gutter
Giving death while caressing the carcass
They blew the plume of warmness from her lips
She died so young

Points of blades
Cutting and chopping utensils
Flints for slicing three slices of brain dices
They always slice neatly down through the side to the spine
Being extra careful when sawing where the spine meets the top of the pelvis
Trims away the neck
Peels off meat from bones
Cuts the leg off at the bottom of the buttock
The rump will have to be carved as well
Offal and other waste trimmings disposed through burial and animal feed
Crush the broken knees
Mutilation bores me
Watching meat turn green

Their short grey-to-brown fur covered in gore
Many more butchering skills to lore
Chunks of bone in the pools of blood
Quickly rotten in the jungle heat
Eat her meat

The rotting guts of a Nage virgin
Left decayed next to the damned
An eye removed
Traces of tears on her mutilated face, covered by her fabulous hair
Bashing her teeth in in her sleep
The sweet sleep of death

Undisguised admiration in a girl’s passionate rotting
Blowjobs and black kisses for dark evenings
Track Name: Entombment
Once a beauty
Buried into a hole of glory

Burial rituals

Anilingus with a half-fresh child
Their greatest dream is to kiss a grave girl
Strong feelings for one whole night
She cared not
Teats filled with tasty rot

The use of the mouth, tongue, and throat to stimulate dead genitalia
Pre-ejaculatory fluid into a post-mortem vagina

A lovely arse spread out too many times
Fingering till their fingers bleed
They just cannot let her corpse be

This is a precious cadaver
The breasts of women are the sweetest meat they ever tasted
With cold black blood
The phallus went up to his forehead whereat it rested
The cadaver must be cut open
A breeding ground for maggots
A moist blanket of mud
Good night, sweet lady!
Track Name: Unburying the Carrion
Seven weeks in a hole
Unburied for a play
A dead slave for the living
Romance and love in the tomb
A skeletal being, everything giving
Crushing her soft body

Their return to the grave of their lover
Old blood and maggots washed down in a strong cave river
Entrails in the cold groundwater decomposing for weeks

Small ugly fierce eyes scowled bloodthirstily over all of the
monocular carcass
On so much more to feast

The cunt of the dead child will be re-violated
The screams on her face will be reawakened
Mouth shut with two cocks
The flowing of warm semen will not stop
They wanted more from the dead than the living girl could ever give

They sank two more loads into the ripped cunt
No vaginal fluids this time
Tasting the rotting anus
The abdominal cavity filled with black sperm

Nine weeks pregnant
A child carrying a child
Eight weeks dead
Both of them
Track Name: Diet of Worms
For this, O dearly beloved, is the genuine Girl: a cold body and beautiful hair and blood and a cunt.
Here lies their love all cut, the young daughter in the dust
Victim of primate lust
Slowly spewing pus

The carrion worms are holding a feast
Craniums with barely some skin on them
The corpse as skinny as a skeleton
She is mighty pretty
Touching gently her awesome body
All ribs under her skin revealed
Just gorgeous
Matching the grey bone structure of the walls
A woman's death, perfected
The empty shell is being torn and worn

Tonguing through the maggots
Hardly reaching her pussy
Still wet from rot
You should lick that - not

Breasts taken with a blade
Left to decay in a shallow grave
The remains cast into the cave river hellish red
Worms in ears
Some graves the tropical jungle bears
Over and over again
Track Name: Survival Beyond Death
Travelled beyond death
The body of the beautiful teen

Lay rotten on stone slabs
Grey hair covering her skull of sorrow
Cold sockets gathering worms
Many times unburied
The size of her waist, so narrow
You will be like this forever

A kiss upon your brow
No more sex without love
They do love you now
Even though your body is pale and wan

Light revealing the dead skin tone
Let her crotch alone
Green skin fluttering violently in the wind
In a barren, cold, unforgiving nest
Let her decay alone

After the tortures in the gardens
After the agony in stony places
The shouting and the crying
Now restless corpses trapped in the cave tombs
A Lazarus taxon by the name of Orang Pendek
Roaming the land-rooms of doom

To make mothers mourn
The words children say before they die
Low incipient notes murmured with a rich sound
Voices that make mothers mourn
Mumble low
In the gusts of wind

Long rotten
Grave forgotten

Travelled beyond death
The body of the beautiful teen
For that I can feel
That beyond her grave she waits for me

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