Neanderthal Origins - Rehearsal 090904

by Neoandertals

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Previously unreleased, this is NEOANDERTALS with guitars! The rehearsal demo from 2004 features the following line-up:
Rain Pohlak - bass&vocals
Toomas Keermann - guitar
Roland Seer - drums


released September 9, 2004

All music by Rain Pohlak & Roland Seer. All lyrics by Rain Pohlak. Cover painting and the Neoandertals logo by Roland Seer.
Recorded September 2004 in Arula, Otepää vald, Estonia at the Neoandertals rehearsal room.



all rights reserved


Neoandertals Estonia

Barbaric experimental Death Metal sounds. Lyrics about the darker side of the Neanderthals.

Rain Pohlak - Bass&vocals
Sandra Vungi - Drums

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Track Name: Neanderthals Were Master Butchers
Homo neanderthalensis
A physically impressive species

Long ago, ancient ones were all foes

Struggle to survive
Systematic cannibalism
Pushed to Extinction
Anatomical beauties / monsters

A flattened cranium with a heavy brow ridge above large eye sockets
Higher muscle mass, wars among the proto-humans will last

Evolution's created perfect butchers
It's the lawless extremity of nature

Butchering — the half-dead wallowing in their guts
Cutting the carcass in half starting at the pelvis
Cutting haunch from loin, rump from haunch

Separating the shoulder from the shank as close to the joint as possible
Sawed-off limbs quivering on the ground

Shank for chop meat
utilizing neck meat

Cutting through nerves, arteries split in two
The sound of slicing fills the air all around

Immersed in butchering, precise disemboweling

Ribs away from spine, separating chuck from the loin.

The pre-human butcher is obsessed with the bedimmed procedure
The epic ambition of this work is to separate flesh from the soul
Thick fat away from chops

No signs of charring, the flesh was eaten raw
Skinning their own kind, cannibalism within the ancient tribes
The skin will come loose from around the meat

The skinned carcass was stripped of meat and marrow

Dead trees seeing all the killing and skinning and cleaning and gutting that hath
been done
This is the dark side of the pre-human coin

Never its mysteries are exposed
To the human eye so unclosed

Neanderthals were master butchers
Track Name: Defleshing the Cadaver Before Burial
Two mysteries of creation — life and death
Their dead were buried, fearing their resurrection

The placement of heavy stone slabs upon their graves seen as impeding their dead from returning
Neandertal corpses, tightly flexed, tied with thongs
Interring their dead, performing burial rituals

The defleshing of the body — a symbolic act — preventing its spirit from haunting them
Removing flesh to silence the destructive will of nature
removing flesh to see death making its way into the carcass
removing flesh...
Flesh, doomful like a rapid ghastly river
Cheek muscles from children were filleted out,
tendons were sliced and skulls were cracked to remove brains
Flaying will silence the vile enemy in the form of the Neanderthal ghost
Allaying the dead spirits, who possess destructive powers to the continent

(For thousands of years or more, the shell will see its ghostly owner nevermore)

(Series of rituals, praising the individual)

Buried together, entire kin groups remained united after death
Believed in an afterlife, a vision beyond death in their pre-abstract minds

Artifacts and fauna
guaranteed health in the spirit world...

Defleshing The Cadaver Before Burial, to protect the living from the undead

Death itself, regarded as a kind of sleep
Corpses arranged in sleeplike positions
Death had become something more than a mere brutish fact of nature

Leave the rotten meat witnessing the rebirth of an epoch
Track Name: The Mysterious Demise
The demise of an era...
The dying of a species...
The vile work of death...
The purifycation of blood... the will of evolution

Before the bright red sun
A shrouded, massive monolith of clouds, a scattered living maze
In Neander Valley, a crust of sleep layed on them...
A group of men wrote the human history by driving all the remaining Neanderthals into Neander Valley and decapitating them
The last dead Neanderthals were not defleshed — the shell can meet its ghostly owner once more

The mysteries of evolution/ the birth of the first human myths
The mysteries of evolution/ systematic births and deaths lead to chaos
The mysteries of evolution/ stocky and intelligent humanoids meet death
The mysteries of evolution/ the birth of death

A time will come when dead Neanderthal forms breed and feed again...