Birth of the Enemy of Man

by Neoandertals

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"Birth of the Enemy of Man" is a brand new single by Neoandertals. Recorded in April/May 2014 by Rain Pohlak & Sandra Vungi.
Band picture by Kadri Orav.


Homo neanderthalensis

A Neanderthal child is born
Into the coldness of the winter

Birth of the enemy of man
Who long had ruled before

The mother would not survive
Blue and cold
Forever missed by the group
Her body defleshed and eaten

Bones are cleaned of tissue; it is a sombre process
Sucking out the brain with a flint
The head should not be cut
The muscles don't peel off as easily
Removing loosely hanging flesh with bare hands
Fragile bones deformed too easily

Cannibalistic winter ceremonies
Frozen bodies mangled in the cave
Hacked fingers eaten during long hunting trips

Ground too cold for a grave
Rotting odours of the flesh; stirred by the air
Under the black fog of a winter night
The remains burned in a hole
O the moon shone bright on the carcass
Dead bones can harm no soul

Winter kept them cold
February is the cruelest month
No freshness in life, no bloom
A malnourished young Neanderthal boy
Cherish his doom

A new life of starvation and suffering ahead


released May 15, 2014



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Neoandertals Estonia

Barbaric experimental Death Metal sounds. Lyrics about the darker side of the Neanderthals.

Rain Pohlak - Bass&vocals
Sandra Vungi - Drums

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